The AgriPump Rebate Program has been suspended until further notice. No rebates will be offered at this time. Should you have any questions regarding the program, please email us at

AgriPump Rebate Program Frequently Asked Questions

The AgriPump Rebate Program is an instant rebate program for constant pressure pump kits to promote the use of high-efficiency pumping systems in the agricultural sector.  The program is offered to eligible Hydro One and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc (NPEI)’s customers and is designed to help our agricultural customers easily manage their electricity consumption.

Farmers: If you are a Hydro One or NPEI customer, you can participate in the program by purchasing a qualified constant pressure pump kit from a participating pump equipment Contractor or Distributor. Call our toll free number: 1-844-403-3937 or email to find a participating Contractor or equipment Distributor near you.

Contractors: Hydro One and NPEI’s AgriPump Rebate Program provides the exclusive ability to offer instant rebates to eligible customers when they purchase qualifying equipment. If you would like to help your agricultural customers save money on new constant pressure pump kits, simply call 1-844-403-3937 or email:

Distributors: Becoming a participating Distributor is easy. Our quick orientation will help you understand the AgriPump Rebate Program participation requirements, and we will walk you through the process of helping your customers benefit from them. Learn more or get started by calling 1-844-403-3937 or emailing:


Please call our toll free number at 1-844-403-3937 or email us at

The AgriPump Rebate Program is funded by the IESO’s Save on Energy programs and offered through Hydro One and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (NPEI). Subject to change without notice.

This is an instant rebate program, therefore the rebate is received by the customer at the point-of-purchase and time-of-purchase for eligible constant pressure pump kits. Be sure to ask your contractor/dealer about the rebate before you purchase the equipment, and then look for the deduction on your invoice. The rebate is only available for qualified constant pressure pump kits that are going to be installed in farms or other agricultural facilities located in the service territories of Hydro One and NPEI.

The constant pressure pump kits must be installed on an agricultural facility operating in either Hydro One or NPEI service territories. All agricultural sub-sectors are eligible, including: Oilseed & Grain Farming; Beef Cattle Operations; Dairy Cattle and Milk Production; Fruit & Vegetable farming; Greenhouses, Nursery, and Floriculture Production; Poultry and Egg production; and Hog and Pig Farming. Residential farms with a Farm Business Registration Number are also eligible.

A constant pressure pump kit is a pump, motor and variable frequency drive that offers advanced control technology that automatically adjusts performance to meet your needs.

When you install the constant pressure pump kit you can expect to manage your electricity with energy savings up to 40%**.

**The 40% savings was developed using generic pump performance curves, 3000 operating hours per year and an annual water usage profile that is typical to the agricultural sector. Actual energy savings may vary.

The AgriPump Rebate Program provides incentives for constant pressure pump kits between 0.5 hp and 10 hp and comprise: qualified motor + qualified pump + qualified variable frequency drive. The following pump types are eligible for specific rebate amounts, depending on horse power rating:

Submersible: Submersible pumps are typically used to deliver water from wells, as the motors are sealed, can be submersed, and are placed at the bottom of the borehole. These pumps are cylindrical, with the pump and motor often packaged together as one piece. Please contact a licensed well contractor for any well installations.

End Suction Pumps: Are the most basic type of above-grade pump, with water entering at the top and exiting from the side.  They will boost the water from one tank to another or from a tank to a field.  They have a wide range of agricultural uses. We recommend speaking with your contractor about the best pump for your operation.

Vertical Multi-stage Pumps: Are another type of above-grade pump, with similar functions as end suction pumps.  However, because of how they are built with multiple small and impellers stacked up in a cylinder, they take less floor space and can be placed in-line in a pipe (i.e. water enters on the side, and exists on the opposite side, making a 90-degree angle).

You will need to purchase a new high efficiency pump that meets program requirements. Purchasing just a VFD for your existing pump is not eligible for the instant rebate.

Yes, all pump components must come from the same manufacturer. Each manufacturer ensures their products are compatible and that they complement each other in terms of overall efficiency. The efficiencies are also verifiable.