The AgriPump Rebate Program has been suspended until further notice. No rebates will be offered at this time. Should you have any questions regarding the program, please email us at

About the AgriPump Rebate Program

What is a High Efficiency Agricultural Pump (AgriPump)?

The AgriPump Rebate Program offers instant rebates* for high efficiency pumpsets (0.5 – 10 hp) with advanced control technology that automatically adjusts performance to meet your needs. Rebates are “instant” because they are offered by participating equipment suppliers at the time-of-purchase for eligible pump kits. It is fast, and easy!

Benefits of the AgriPump Rebate Program

With help from the AgriPump Rebate Program, you can receive up to $610 per constant pressure pump kit in instant rebates*. Once installed, you'll benefit from reduced maintenance costs and improved performance. Manage your electricity with energy savings up to 40%**. Estimated simple payback periods range between 1 and 6 years for most constant pressure pump kits.***

Benefits include:

  • Energy savings up to 40%**
  • Up to $610 in instant rebates*
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Guard against wear and tear

Customer Eligibility:

The AgriPump rebate is only available for constant pressure pump kits that are going to be installed on farms or other agricultural facilities located in the service territories of Hydro One and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. (NPEI). You must have a Farm Business Registration (FBR) number to be eligible.

Eligible agricultural facilities include: 

Oilseed and Grain Farming

Poultry and Egg Production

Hog and Pig Farming

Dairy Cattle and Milk Production

Greenhouse, Nursery and Floriculture Production

Fruit and Vegetable Farming

Beef Cattle Operations

Soy Bean Farming

Horse Farming

Vineyard Farming

Eligible Products:

The AgriPump Rebate Program offers instant rebates* for constant pressure pump kits from the program’s qualified product list. Each kit must have the following characteristics:

  • Each system is between 0.5 hp and 10 hp.
  • The constant pressure pump kit must comprise qualified pump, motor, and variable frequency drive (VFD) and accessories (integrated logic controller, pressure sensor).

Participating Manufacturers

Rebate Table

Interested in learning more about the rebates available through the AgriPump Rebate Program? The table below shows the savings you will receive at the time of purchase for eligible constant pressure pump kits. The rebate amounts vary depending on the type of pump (submersible, end suction, or vertical multi-stage) and the size of the pump (horse power rating).

Type Horse Power Rating (hp) Participant Incentive (CAD/unit)
  0.50 $175
  0.75 $190
  1.00 $200
  1.50 $225
  2.00 $240
  3.00 $290
  5.00 $380
  7.50 $495
  10.00 $610
End Suction
  0.75 $105
  1.00 $105
  1.50 $115
  2.00 $120
  3.00 $140
  5.00 $175
  7.50 $220
Vertical Multistage
  0.50 $110
  0.75 $115
  1.00 $130
  1.50 $145
  2.00 $165
  3.00 $195
  5.00 $265
  7.50 $350
  10.00 $435

The maps below illustrate Hydro One’s and Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.’s service territories. Agricultural customers must demonstrate that they are Hydro One or NPEI customers by providing their account number and/or providing their address when ordering the eligible equipment.


*If the customer meets all of the eligibility critiera.
**The 40% savings was developed using generic pump performance curves, 3000 operating hours per year and an annual water usage profile that is typical to the agricultural sector. Actual energy savings may vary.
***Simple payback periods were estimated based on equipment cost data provided by a pump manufacturer, Hydro One R2 electricity rates, and the basis of a new standard pump kit.